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Original Research

South African young adult males’ behavioural intentions when purchasing apparel via mobile apps  
Miguel Correia, Nicole Cunnningham, Mornay Roberts-Lombard
20 June 2024

Original Research

Deficiencies in the traditional budgeting process cause the negative behaviour of budgetary slacking  
Rishen Ramlall, Schalk Grobbelaar
17 June 2024

Original Research

A business continuity model for manufacturing SMMEs underscoring talent management  
Gladys B. Zake, Petronella Jonck, Anna-Marie Pelser
31 May 2024

Original Research

The impact of environmental, social and governance performance on brand value: The role of the digitalisation level  
Ying Wang, Jiang Cao, Xiao Cai
16 May 2024

Original Research

Psychological career pre-occupation and social connectedness in Ghanaian education staff’s career management  
Nadia Ferreira, Isaac T. Kwao, Ingrid L. Potgieter
15 May 2024

Original Research

An integrated sustainable QMS framework for the South African packaging industry  
Raveen Rathilall, Manduth Ramchander, Kishan Singh
09 May 2024

Original Research

Invasiveness, privacy concerns and mobile banking services technology adoption by millennials: Emerging economy perspective  
Freddy M. Mgiba, Shuchita Shukla
07 May 2024

Original Research - Special Collection: Leadership in Emerging Economies

Responsible leadership in the public sector: A sector-specific interpretation  
Petronella Jonck
30 April 2024

Original Research - Special Collection: Leadership in Emerging Economies

Developing accounting students as responsible leaders: A workshop on social innovation  
Remerta Basson, Gretha Steenkamp
30 April 2024

Original Research - Special Collection: Leadership in Emerging Economies

A meta-theory of ubuntu: Implications for responsible leadership in Africa  
Crispen Sachikonye, Ronnie Ramlogan
29 April 2024
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Press Release: Exciting update!

Our past two editorials for the Journal of Applied Neurosciences are available! Discover the vision and mission behind our new journal and the innovative research we aim to showcase in neuroscience and other biological underpinnings of human behaviour. Read the insightful editorials by our Editor-in-Chief, Dirk J. Geldenhuys, and learn more about our journey and goals. Check it out here: journalofappliedneurosciences.org  
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Press Release: Attention all trailblazers and visionaries on African paleoclimate!!

It's with immense pride and excitement that we unveil the African Journal of Climate Studies, a dynamic platform meticulously crafted to ignite the flames of innovation and drive transformative change in scholarly discourse. Our mission? To empower academic excellence and cultivate a community where brilliance thrives on aspects related to African paleoclimate and the historical evolution of African human and ecological systems concerning climate constraints, current understanding of African climate behaviour and the role of climate variability, climate extreme events and climate change in any relevant aspect of African social-ecological and economic development. Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Visit climatestudies.org  
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Notification: Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Research History: Rediscover Timeless Insights

Embark on a journey through the annals of research history! Our journal's archives hold a wealth of knowledge waiting to be rediscovered. From pioneering studies to timeless insights, explore the foundations of today's discussions. Join us in celebrating research history and uncovering the gems that continue to shape our understanding.  
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Notification: Unlock a wealth of knowledge with our publisher's library of research!

Dive deep into the latest findings and discoveries in your field. Browse library.aosis.co.za. Dive deep into the latest findings and discoveries in your field. From groundbreaking studies to insightful analyses, our publisher's library at library.aosis.co.za has it all covered. Explore a wealth of knowledge waiting for you to uncover!  
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Call for Papers: Special collection on Managerial practices in cooperation between developing and developed countries: Deadline extended.


The submission deadline for the special collection to be published in the South African Journal of Business Management (SAJBM) has been extended until 30 November 2023, with the expected publication date of May 2024. If you have a valuable contribution to make in this field, now is the perfect time to submit your article. Visit AOSIS News Centre to find out more.

Posted: 2023-04-19
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